Extruders and complete extrusion lines for rigid PVC and other thermoplastic materials

Design and production of complete extrusion lines for rigid PVC and other plastic materials.


Single and twin-screw extruders for thermoplastic materials (U-PVC,PP,PE,PS,PC,PMMA)


Horizontal and vertical coextruders

Calibration units:

Our calibration units are fitted with energy saving circuits (both for water and vacuum), for maximum reduction of consumption. Tanks entirely in stainless steel and pumps mounted on slides with anti-vibration pads for easy maintenance and low noise level. Movements can be supplied via electric command or manual commands. For the tilting of the calipers-holder surface an inclination measurement system (clinometer) can also be inserted. Available with various lengths and with the possibility of having different sizes and number of pumps (according to individual necessity). Command panel with haul off commands included.

Haul off units

We produce haul off units of different types and sizes for small. Medium and large profiles. Versions are available with rolls (for rainwater gutters), with stoppers and belts with specific processing according to customer requirements. The contact lengths vary from 300 mm to 3500 mm. Machine effort and speed can be customized as required.

Cutting units:

We produce cutting units for different customer needs. From classic disc cutters moved by pneumatic logic or Brushless motor, GUILLOTINE unit for profiles and pipes, up to the most sophisticated hot blade cutter with electronic management of the entire work cycle.

IN LINE assembling unit for PVC roller shutters:

IN LINE automatic unit for PVC roller shutter sheets. Totally controlled by PLC and TOUCH 10"

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